I am selling all rights to the following domains:

     - FreeJury.com (.org,.net, & .info included): $50,000

     - Ferrocrete.com: $10,000

     - BulletsFirst.com: $10,000

     - FotoFridge.com: $7500

     - FridgeFoto.com: $4500

     - LakewayTX.com: $6000

     - LkwyTX.com: $1000

     - DIYnrg.com: $2500

     - RonPaulForAll.com: $1500

I will transfer these domains using a reputable online escrow service such as SafeFunds.com. If you are interested in making any of these domains yours, please email me.

If you would like to, in effect, rent any of these domains, email me and we can discuss a monthly rate to point any of these domains to your website. This would allow you to test drive the domain to see how it would perform for you.